Offshore crane for sale

Liebherr Diesel-Hydraulics Offshore Crane BOS 2600-25 D LIT

We sell a used Liebherr crane BOS 2600-25 D LIT. The crane was built in 2015 and was demounted and stored one year ago (2020). It is currently stored in Haugesund (Norway) and can be picked up there. All technical details can be found in the datasheet. The dimensions of the crane can be taken from the technical drawing. Additionally, we have the load chart and further static information about the crane.


If you are interested, please write us or call us at +43 5512 26321.

 In this Youtube video you can see all the pictures of the crane in a slideshow:



crane back view.jpg
boom 06.jpg
boom 04.jpg
A frame.jpg



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